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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Employment Studies

Employment and Income Distribution Experiences of Minerals Exporters and of Countries Achieving Growth Acceleration: Executive Summary

Many but not all minerals-dependent countries have performed badly in spite of the apparent advantage… Read More

The challenge of employment creation in South Africa

Altman reviews trends in employment, unemployment and working poverty, as well as the employment scenarios… Read More

Development Paths and Employment

Intensive growth is defined as growth driven by productivity improvements. Productivity improvements are essential for… Read More

The Impact of Electricity Price Increases and Rationing on the South African Economy,

Davies assesses the economic impact of electricity cuts on the South African economy. The paper… Read More

Exchange Rate and Employment: The Experience of Fast-Growing Economies

This paper forms part of an Human Sciences Research Council project on exchange rates and… Read More

The Impact of Exchange Rate Movements on Employment: The Economy-Wide Effect of a Rand Appreciation

The volatility of the exchange rate is a particular concern for South Africa, since the… Read More

Wage Determination in South Africa: What Do We Know?

Wages play an important role in the broader economy from both efficiency and equity perspectives.… Read More

Identifying Employment-creating Sectors in South Africa: The Role of Services Industries

Altman explores scenarios for employment creation, with an emphasis on services. It considers whether the… Read More