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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Industry Studies

Resource Intensity, Knowledge and Development: insights from Africa and Latin America

Minerals economies often struggle to diversify their industrial base. Lorenzten considers opportunities for industrial diversification… Read More

Constructing Future Growth Opportunities: The Potential to develop an Intensive Civil Engineering and Construction Works Exports Strategy

Lowitt assesses the economic contribution of South Africa’s civil engineering and construction works sector through… Read More

Business process outsourcing in identified financial services sub-sectors: the potential for offshore business flows into South Africa and consequent ...

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has enormous potential to support economic growth and employment in South… Read More

The Employment Creation Potential of Recycling in South Africa

Lowitt assesses the job creation potential of South Africa’s recycling industry and whether government could… Read More

What are the Policy Implications of the Informal Sector Becoming the Informal Economy?

Altman considers the meaning of informality and related policy implications. She sees the concept of… Read More

Industrial Strategy, Offshoring, and Employment Promotion in South Africa

South Africa has an extremely high rate of unemployment, but also substantial capacity in the… Read More

Potential Job Creation in the South African ICT Sector

Lowitt analyses potential job creation in ICT. She provides a demand-side analysis of ICT and… Read More

Broadband for South Africa: Capital Investment and Policy Dimensions

Kleeman assesses the investments required to achieve 100% broadband coverage. He uses case studies of… Read More

Vision 2020 ICT Investment Executive Summary

This report is part of the Vision 2020 process of the Department of Communications. It… Read More