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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Employment through Procurement

Resource Intensity, Knowledge and Development: insights from Africa and Latin America

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Municipal Case Studies: pursuing socio-economic through local procurement

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Employment through procurement

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An overview of preferential procurement in South Africa: Government initiatives and private sector responses

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Employment Creation Through the Provision of Social Development Services: Exploring the Options

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An Overview of Preferential Procurement in South Africa: Government Initiatives and Private Sector Responses

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Employment Creation through Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development

Initiated in 2008, the Human Sciences Research Council’s Employment through Procurement Project developed a knowledge… Read More

Overview of the policy and institutional landscape for enterprise development and preferential procurement in South Africa

Pillay and Phillips review the South African policy and institutional landscape for preferential procurement and… Read More

Leveraging Services for Employment, Growth and Equity: Enhancing the Impact of Procurement on Employment Creation

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