I am a strategist, economist and social activist, and have served in leadership roles driving significant transformation. My professional life has been focused on framing and executing scalable high impact solutions to economic development challenges.

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Public comment on the draft National State Enterprises Bill comes to an end
The bill will see the axing of the Department of Enterprises, and in its place have a new state-owned holding company to oversee SOEs.

Why is government not meeting the NDP goals?
Listen to the podcast on SAFM by Miriam Altman – Director at Altman Advisory; Professor of Practice UJ

Challenges faced by National Infrastructure Plan 2050Challenges faced by National Infrastructure Plan 2050
Government first introduced the National Development Plan 2012 with the aim of achieving them by 2030. National Infrastructure Plan 2050 Lead drafter Dr Miriam Altman speaks to Hugo Ribatika about some of the challenges faced.

Is Godongwana’s 2023 budget credible? Here are 6 ways to tell
Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana faces the annual South African conundrum in his 2023 Budget: can he reveal a credible path to stabilising public finances, while also enabling activities that promote progression to a decent life?

The 4IR Impact on Africa’s economic potentials.
How will this Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) that has ushered in a new era of economic disruption in Africa affect its economy?

Invite: Infrastructure for Growth, Employment and Progressive Prosperity: Is the vision achievable?

Infrastructure is critical to driving development and growth in any country, and especially so in South Africa where there is an imperative to address extreme unemployment, poverty and inequality.

What is the economy overview of South Africa especially after the reserve bank increased the inflation rate and the non stop load shedding, What does it mean for a consumer whose still paying bond payments?

Listen to the podcast from Chai FM

WATCH: Long Road to Energy Reform

Theft of metals costs SA billions

Energy emergency faces political inertia

Workers’ Day | SA universities teaches 4IR skills

Unpacking infrastructure planning and delivery

Transformation in the digital sector

Is SA ready to create its own 24-hour metros?

Budget Review – Good, Bad And Ugly

Civic Engagement