Horizon Scanning in South Africa: South Africa as a Regional Power? What it Means and the Challenges to 2030

South Africa’s status as an economic, political and military powerhouse in Africa has immense potential of promoting Africa’s stability, development and participation in global governance. The future of South Africa’s regional and global engagement continues to be framed by views of its emerging regional power or a ‘regional superpower’ status: the largest GDP in Africa;…


Strategic interventions to support youth employability

Altman and Marock outline a proposed approach to improving the employability of young people in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. These Strategic Interventions for Youth Employability (SIYE) will become a subset of Tshwane‘s Youth Employment Strategy which is in the process of being designed. These early interventions will therefore focus on specific target groups that have…


South Africa’s economic development trajectory: implications for skills development strategy.

Altman and Mayer argue that skills development in South Africa must be aligned to the economic and political imperatives of reducing unemployment and poverty, while fostering growth and international competitiveness. The legacy of a resource-based economy, overlaid by apartheid policies, has resulted in widespread poverty, inequality and unemployment existing alongside globally competitive industries. It is…