Strategic interventions to support youth employability

by ALTMAN, M, MAROCK, C., 2009
Research report, Centre for Poverty Employment & Growth, prepared as strategy for Tshwane Metro

Altman and Marock outline a proposed approach to improving the employability of young people in the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality. These Strategic Interventions for Youth Employability (SIYE) will become a subset of Tshwane‘s Youth Employment Strategy which is in the process of being designed. These early interventions will therefore focus on specific target groups that have been identified in the process thus far. This includes the large number of school leavers who are currently trying to enter the labour market during the economic slowdown as well as the cohort of young people that are out of school and out of work. It is envisaged that as the Youth Strategy unfolds and is implemented over time so further interventions will be identified which complement these and reach additional target groups. This report offers proposed programme design.