Horizon Scanning in South Africa: South Africa as a Regional Power? What it Means and the Challenges to 2030

by KAGWANJA, P., 2007
Research Report. Human Sciences Research Council. Prepared for DFID

South Africa’s status as an economic, political and military powerhouse in Africa has immense potential of promoting Africa’s stability, development and participation in global governance. The future of South Africa’s regional and global engagement continues to be framed by views of its emerging regional power or a ‘regional superpower’ status: the largest GDP in Africa; the largest defense budget of any single African country; large capital with unfettered role in Africa; and increasing role of its diplomats in the regional multilateral structures and global governance. And yet, Kagwana argues that SA is not achieving its potential impact in driving growth and development in the region. This paper lays out the reasons for this, and identifies what needs to be done.