labour market demand

First Employment Experiences of Graduates

The Human Sciences Research Council studied the first employment experiences of South African graduates to identify trends in the local labour market for graduates over the period 1991–1995. Moleke reports on the study, first introducing the research methodology and giving a brief overview of the South African labour market. She then discusses the employment of…


Engineers and Technicians

Steyn and Daniels evaluate the labour market for engineers and technicians, looking at two key themes: the demand for engineers and technicians in the labour market, and the supply of engineering skills. Employment trends, occupational shifts and projected demand are evaluated, as well as the responsiveness of tertiary institutions to changes in the structure of…


ICT and Associated Professionals

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have played a major role in shaping employment growth in the developed world, especially in the services sectors. Moleke et al. consider factors affecting the supply and demand of ICT workers in South Africa. In the case of training supply, the analysis reveals that only a small proportion of learners…