ICT and Associated Professionals

by MOLEKE, P., PATERSON, A. & ROODT, J., 2003
HRD Review 2003: Education, Employment and Skills in South Africa. Cape Town: Human Sciences Research Council Press. Chpt 27, 634-659.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have played a major role in shaping employment growth in the developed world, especially in the services sectors. Moleke et al. consider factors affecting the supply and demand of ICT workers in South Africa. In the case of training supply, the analysis reveals that only a small proportion of learners graduating from the schooling system have received formal tuition in ICT or have used computers in the process of learning. At the post-school level, private training organisations provide the bulk of focused professional training. These patterns of demand and supply suggest that the rhetoric around general ICT skills shortages is frequently exaggerated and should best be understood in terms of time-based shortages in specific skills, which can coexist alongside areas of oversupply.