human resource development

The State of the Labour Market in Contemporary South Africa

The state of the labour market in South Africa is a reflection of the crippling legacies of apartheid and as such is a major challenge confronting the government. There are pockets of progress, but progress is limited relative to the magnitude of the inherited inequities:· Whites still dominate high-level occupations; Africans and women are concentrated in…


The Impact of HIV/Aids

Vass assesses the impact of HIV/AIDS on the South African labour market. While a number of socio-economic factors affect human resources development, HIV/AIDS has a disproportionately negative impact on the economically active population, on Africans and on women. Thus it exacerbates existing structural inequalities. The impact is projected to occur unevenly across companies and sectors,…


Overview of the Economy and Economic Policy

Lowitt and Altman provide a high-level review of the economy’s performance and key policy development in the period 2001–2003. The focus is on economic performance and
policy in relation to the demand for labour, and hence human resource development. From a performance perspective, the chapter shows that economic growth was resilient despite a global slowdown and…