The Impact of HIV/Aids

by VASS, J., 2003
Human Resource Development Review 2003: Education, Employment and Skills in South Africa. Cape Town: Human Sciences Research Council Press. Chpt 8, pp186-207

Vass assesses the impact of HIV/AIDS on the South African labour market. While a number of socio-economic factors affect human resources development, HIV/AIDS has a disproportionately negative impact on the economically active population, on Africans and on women. Thus it exacerbates existing structural inequalities. The impact is projected to occur unevenly across companies and sectors, and all skill levels will be negatively affected. Smaller losses are projected among highly skilled and skilled labour, with the largest losses projected among semi- and unskilled labour. Consequently, labour and skills replacement will be required, but this may prove complex. Under these circumstances, a reversal to capital substitution, poaching and the importation of foreign skilled labour may occur. HIV/AIDS will adversely affect the quantity and quality of education, and the achievement of equity targets in skills development, education and training may also be at risk. A systemic, inclusive and long-term approach is needed to redirect the trajectory of the HIV/AIDS impact on human resource development.