Low Income African Migrant Women and Social Exclusion in South Africa

by MAFUKIDZA, J and MBANDA, V, 2008
Agenda, 22:78, 172-185

The objective of this study was to understand how low-income African migrant women respond to socio-economic exclusion within South Africa so as to contribute to existing knowledge on women and migration. It examines the experiences of these women in relation to how these are influenced by and influence the structures and practices that exclude them….


World Bank Household Surveys For The Africa Migration Project South Africa Migration Project Report

by ALTMAN,M., 2010
Research Report. Centre for Poverty Employment and Growth, Human Sciences Research Council

The Human Sciences Research Council (Human Sciences Research Council) carried out the Migration and Remittances Survey in South Africa for the World Bank in collaboration with the African Development Bank. The primary mandate of the Human Sciences Research Council in this project was to come up with a migration database. The specific activities included: •A…


Leveraging Migration for Africa: Remittances, Skills and Investments

by "Dilip Ratha S. Mohapatra, C. Özden, S. Plaza, W. Shaw and A. Shimeles", 2011
The World Bank: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Washington, DC.

International migration has profound implications for human welfare. African governments have had only a limited influence on migration related welfare outcomes, for good or ill. Improved efforts to manage migration will require information on the nature and impact of migratory patterns. This book reviews previous research, provides new analyses (including surveys and case studies) and…


Horizon Scanning in South Africa: Migration and Demographics

by CROSS, C. , 2007
Research Report, Human Sciences Research Council, prepared for DFID, October 2007

Cross offers a view on potential migration patterns in South Africa, as part of a DFID Horizons Scenario exercise.