Leveraging Migration for Africa: Remittances, Skills and Investments

by "Dilip Ratha S. Mohapatra, C. Özden, S. Plaza, W. Shaw and A. Shimeles", 2011
The World Bank: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Washington, DC.

International migration has profound implications for human welfare. African governments have had only a limited influence on migration related welfare outcomes, for good or ill. Improved efforts to manage migration will require information on the nature and impact of migratory patterns. This book reviews previous research, provides new analyses (including surveys and case studies) and offers policy recommendations that can improve the migration experience for migrants, origin countries, and destination countries. Chapter 1 reviews the data on African migration and considers the challenges African governments face in managing migration. Chapter 2 discusses the importance of remittances, the most tangible link between migration and development; it also identifies policies that can facilitate remittance flows to Africa and increase their development impact. Chapter 3 analyses high-skilled emigration and analyses policies that can limit adverse implications and maximize positive implications for development. Chapter 4 considers ways in which Africa can leverage its diaspora resources to increase trade, investment, and access to technology.