Identifying Opportunities to Drive Demand for ICT in South Africa

by Dalberg Global Development Advisors, 2012
Research Report. Human Sciences Research Council

This report is part of the Vision 2020 process of the Department of Communications. It reports on a three-part analysis of the links between ICT investment and job creation in South Africa. It reviews barriers to broadband usage, assesses demographic trends, and offers a global review of demand-side interventions. The presentation suggests a three-pronged strategy for the country: • Enabling individual digital citizenship: South Africa should build a critical mass of users by addressing two main barriers – affordability and content. • Promoting the growth of key ICT-enabled industries and the efficiency of major industries: Two key users are particularly attractive – SMEs and government. • Providing leadership in key ICT industries (content, services, and applications): Investment should be aligned with broader goals to develop a critical mass of users in the short term.