Background to Employment Scenarios

by ALTMAN, M., 2006
Research Report, Employment Growth & Development Initiative, Human Sciences Research Council

The Human Sciences Research Council’s Evidence-Based Employment Scenarios project was established to develop feasible scenarios of the economic structure to meet the goal of reducing unemployment by half between 2004 and 2014. It aims to identify the path and policy complements required to achieve these scenarios, as well as their political, financial and bureaucratic implications. This was an initial paper, outlining a conceptual framework for the scenarios. Altman outlines the approach to developing employment scenarios. Underpinning those scenarios is thinking about sources of employment whether created directly or indirectly, the role of tradable and non-tradable sectors, the role of the informal economy, and a consideration to the role of social protection. The appendix to this paper identifies the research projects that were to be implemented in the scenarios process. For those interested in the Employment Scenarios, this should offer a useful overview of what was intended and its reasoning.