sub-Saharan Africa

Education and Youth employment in Sub-Sahara Africa: linkages and policy responses

Young people in Africa find it increasingly difficult to transition into employment. Governments acknowledge the challenge of youth unemployment and underemployment and are looking for appropriate interventions. Investment in education is one of the main policy tools for addressing poverty and promoting economic growth. However, African countries grapple with a range of challenges. Many are…


Education & Youth Employment in Sub-Saharan Africa

Altman provides a broad overview of youth employment and education in sub-Saharan Africa. She compares the region to the rest of the world in terms of education status, and provides information on issues such as educational performance, the return to education, and gender gaps. This is a presentation to an AERC conference.


The contribution of subsistence farming to food security in South Africa

Poor households obtain food from markets, subsistence production and transfers. In the past, rural households produced most of their food, while urban households purchased most of theirs. However, both urban and rural households have increased their dependence on market purchases, for up to 90% of their supplies. Consequently, food expenditure can reach 60–80% of total…