rainwater harvesting

Tshepo Khumbane—Growing South Africa’s Women and Landscape

The South African government has made numerous attempts to integrate women into the economy using different strategies. Many of these have been unsuccessful and others are unsustainable, requiring continued expenditure. Tshepo Khumbane, a development activist for more than 40 years, argues that the strategies are poorly focused. According to her, the various attempts do not…


Rural Women and Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation Practices: Anecdotal Evidence from the Free State and Eastern Cape Provinces

Access to water for domestic and agricultural use is a common constraint in most arid to semi-arid areas. Rainwater harvesting and conservation (RWH&C) practices provide an opportunity for improved access and/or availability of water for both domestic and agricultural production. Since the majority of the techniques are labour-intensive, they may prove an extra burden on…