Employment through procurement

In a concentrated economy, procurement by large companies and government can be an important way of stimulating small business entry and expansion.  A programme of work was established at the HSRC to identify and promote approaches to leveraging Private Preferential Procurement for Employment and Value Creation. The project involved developing and disseminating a knowledge base…


An overview of preferential procurement in South Africa: Government initiatives and private sector responses

Fostering the development and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is critically important to expanding employment and promoting economic inclusion, especially for historically disadvantaged groups and youth. However, South Africa’s has a highly concentrated formal sector, dominated by large and well-established companies. This creates significant barriers to entry for new SME’s. Supplying goods and…


Leveraging Services for Employment, Growth and Equity: Enhancing the Impact of Procurement on Employment Creation

This paper consolidates existing research and data on procurement and employment in South Africa; estimate the total current procurement spend across all three spheres of government, as well as the major procurement items; provide a problem analysis of the constraints to and opportunities for increasing the contribution of procurement to employment creation; develops a draft…