Contribution of Smallholder Production to Food Security: Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Matshe explores the contribution of smallholder production to food security in sub-Saharan Africa and relates it to the South African case. Food insecurity is closely linked to the livelihood strategies of small-scale farming households. However, part of what drives food insecurity is poverty, and addressing smallholder food security should include innovations that mitigate internal constraints…


The Socio-Economic Impact Of The Global Downturn On South Africa: Responses And Policy Implications

By the end of 2008, the South African economy had begun to experience the impact of the international financial crisis. This report was prepared for Oxfam to review the range of people’s experiences and government responses. Although the macroeconomic impact of the crisis in South Africa by the time of writing was not as severe…


Appropriate Analytical Tools for Economy-Wide Analysis of Employment Creating Policies in South Africa

This concept paper explores the usefulness of economy-wide analysis of employment-creating policies in South Africa. Van Seventer discusses the importance of quantitative analysis and economy-wide consistency for the purpose of employment policy analysis. He reviews databases and analytical frameworks previously used in South Africa, as well as a number of other modelling frameworks. Van Seventer…