Submission to NERSA_Comments on the MYPD 3 Application

This paper is a submission to NERSA in respect of the MYPD3. It follows two earlier reports in respect of the MYPD1 & 2 (INSERT LINKS TO INFRA02 AND 04). Altman provides background to the MYPD3, followed by comments and recommendations on the price path, municipal pricing, Eskom’s viability, and the potential impact of the…


Comment on Eskom’s Proposal for Price Increase in 2008/9

This is a submission made to NERSA in respect of its MYPD review. Eskom is seeking additional price increases above the 14.2% already approved, that is, a 100% real increase over two years. Altman investigates the potential economic impact of differently distributed pricing or rationing options to reduce peak electricity usage and electricity consumption. She…


Comment on Eskom’s MYPD 2 Proposal

This is a submission to NERSA (South Africa’s energy regulator) in respect of the MYPD2. Eskom applied to NERSA in respect of the second round of a three-year Multi-Year Price Determination (MYPD2) for the period 2010/11–2012/13. Its initial submission in September 2009 requested a 45% nominal increase in each of the three years. A second…