Cloud computing in South Africa: Prospects and Challenges

Cloud computing is scalable, on-demand provision of remote computing and data storage. Its dramatic growth is captured in a 2011 study that predicted that by 2014, over 60% of the world’s server workloads would take place on virtualised cloud servers, up from 8% five years earlier. This growth stems from the cloud’s advantages of scale…


A Review of Labour Markets in South Africa: how Different is the South African Labour Market? International Perspectives and Parallels

Half a century of apartheid left a deep imprint on all aspects of the South African labour market. In many ways, this leaves the country as a ‘special case’ in the field of labour market analysis, with large gaps in human development, significant underutilisation of the labour force, and difficult tensions in industrial relations. But…


International Policy Response of Developing Countries to the Global Economic Crisis

“The impact of the 2008 financial crisis on emerging markets like South Africa has been quite different from its impact on developed economies, and so too have been the responses to the crisis. This paper presents an overview of the policy responses employed to counter the effects of the crisis in Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico and…