Leveraging Services for Employment, Growth and Equity: Botox and Bridges: South African Exports of Health and Construction Services

Using case studies of the South African construction and health services sectors, Stern outlines the main methodological and policy challenges facing developing countries in assessing the economic and social implications of service liberalisation. While the findings are preliminary and the policy conclusions speculative, the paper provides examples of key analytical difficulties in analysing services. More…


Leveraging Services for Growth, Employment and Equity: Services Trade Reform in the South African Economy: What Does it Mean for Growth and Welfare?

Cassim reviews the theoretical literature on the impact of services trade liberalisation on efficiency, welfare and growth. The objective is to assess its implications for services trade reform in the South African context. In view of data limitations, this paper draws insights from the theoretical and international literature and assesses its relevance to South Africa….


Liberalisation of Trade in Services in South Africa: The Multilateral Dimension

The services sector is an increasingly important dimension of South Africa’s economic development, in terms of both its contribution to growth and its export potential. While exposing the services sector to international competition has the potential to unleash significant gains, deep and justified concerns regarding unemployment, poverty alleviation and universal access to basic services have…