labour markets

The State of Labour Market Deracialisation

Moleke looks at the racial skills distribution in the labour market. She finds that deracialisation is happening but the pace is slow and uneven across sectors. An attempt is made to identify some of the reasons for this problem. While the reasons are not weighted in terms of importance, the need to focus on education…


Revisiting South African Employment Trends in the 1990’s

This article revisits South African employment trends recorded since 1995. In particular, it investigates whether the job losses and gains recorded by the October Household Survey jobs in the mid-1990s reflect the reality. This is done by comparing the different official data sets, and by exploring alternative sources of information for three sectors that substantially…


For us women, working is an unfulfilled dream: womens’ wage work and food security.

This article reviews the findings from two small community studies in South Africa on the experience of poor households in respect of the economic downturn, employment, and food security, with special emphasis on gender dynamics. This study sought to explore the human, social and personal experiences of the economic downturn.The study interviewed 29 households in…