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Administered Prices Study on Economic Inputs: Water Sector

The water services and distribution sector component of the Nedlac Administered Prices Study on Economic Inputs sought to quantify the impact on investment and job creation of the pricing and quality of services set through administered pricing mechanisms. This component of the study covered municipal supplies of water to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers, and…


The Impact of Transport Pricing Practices in South Africa on Freight Transport Costs

Freight transport cost is one of the core factors that determine product prices, and it has a direct impact on the competitive advantage of South African goods in local and international markets. Inefficiencies in the transport sector, which lead to high freight transport cost, can restrict economic growth and job creation. It is therefore important…


Prices, Investment and Efficiency on the Railways: A Sectoral Review of Efficiencies in Administered Pricing in South Africa

There has been little change to the operational structure of the South African rail industry over the past century. It remains a state-owned monopoly, run as a division of the same entity that houses the ports. Despite attempts to introduce greater commercial discipline in the 1980s, the industry is still only intermittently profitable and seems…