Submission to NERSA_Comments on the MYPD 3 Application

This paper is a submission to NERSA in respect of the MYPD3. It follows two earlier reports in respect of the MYPD1 & 2 (INSERT LINKS TO INFRA02 AND 04). Altman provides background to the MYPD3, followed by comments and recommendations on the price path, municipal pricing, Eskom’s viability, and the potential impact of the…


The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Labour Market in South Africa

The structure and functioning of the labour market are key mechanisms for addressing developmental inequities in South Africa. Much of the current analysis on labour market trends does not consider HIV/AIDS, which has a crucial impact on efforts to redress inequities, especially for historically disadvantaged and vulnerable groupings. Vass outlines the main anticipated effects of…


The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Health Sector. National Survey of Health Personnel, Ambulatory and Hospital Patients and Health Facilities

South Africa is estimated to have the highest number of people living with HIV/AIDS in the world. Given the impact of HIV/AIDS on society, and the need for policies on assisting those living with the disease, the Human Sciences Research Council and the National School of Public Health at the Medical University of South Africa…