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Global Trends in Waste Management: Some pointers for South Africa

Fakir considers the growth and job-creating potential of the recycling industry. He reviews global trends in recycling, identifies innovations, and explores how these can be used in South Africa. The paper investigates the economic benefits of recycling, and suggests that waste should be seen as a national resource. The life cycle of materials is examined…


Leveraging Services for Employment, Growth and Equity: Trade in Services: The Global Context

Mayer provides a broad overview of global trends in trade in services. The survey of the magnitude and patterns of trade in services, together with an analysis of the drivers of such trade, provides a context for assessing South Africa’s current performance and future prospects in this area. In contrast to goods, the vast majority…


Leveraging Services for Employment, Growth and Equity: An Analysis of South Africa’s Trade in Services Data

Accurate data on trade in services is necessary to inform industrial policy in the services sectors and to shape negotiating strategy at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Due to the inherent difficulty of measuring trade in services, however, there had until recently been little effort to provide a coherent conceptual framework for such trade activities….