Employment Experiences of Graduates

Moleke assesses the inequities in higher education and their consequences in the labour market for people with higher education. The inequalities in the type and source of human capital acquired are often overlooked, and it is argued here that they perpetuate inequalities observed in the labour market. Inequities in acquired human capital eventually influence educational…


Grappling with Youth Employability in South Africa

Marock reviews youth employability in South Africa, focusing on the minimum capabilities required to enable economic participation. She then considers the extent to which these capabilities are being developed in local schools, and explores the role of special programmes in bridging identified gaps. Finally, she analyses broader contextual issues around employability and highlights questions that…


Inequalities in Higher Education and the Structure of the Labour Market

“Moleke examines the inequities in higher education in South Africa and their consequences for the labour market. She uses the Human Sciences Research Council’s research on the employment experiences of university graduates in South Africa, based on a sample of 2 672 university graduates who obtained their qualifications between 1990 and 1998 across all fields of…