Submission to NERSA_Comments on the MYPD 3 Application

This paper is a submission to NERSA in respect of the MYPD3. It follows two earlier reports in respect of the MYPD1 & 2 (INSERT LINKS TO INFRA02 AND 04). Altman provides background to the MYPD3, followed by comments and recommendations on the price path, municipal pricing, Eskom’s viability, and the potential impact of the…


The role of business in supporting youth transitions; Concept note developed for BUSA

Altman and Marock prepared this report for Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) to support its engagements on youth unemployment. In particular, they reflect on the potential of the private sector to support the youth employment initiatives being implemented by government. The programmes reviewed include:· Skills development (linked to education and training) and/or internship programmes · Work readiness…


Meeting Equity Targets: Are There Enough Graduates

Several sectors have expressed concern that the higher education sector may not be offering a sufficient supply of black graduates to enable them to reach equity targets. Altman and Lee offer baseline data to identify the possible pool of learners and graduates from previously disadvantaged groups from which industry might source its employees. Their brief…