Potential Job Creation in the South African ICT Sector

Lowitt analyses potential job creation in ICT. She provides a demand-side analysis of ICT and broadband, using four categories of demand: private consumption (individuals), private investment (large and small firms), government demand, and trade demand (sale of ICT-enabled services). The ICT sector is dealt with as a separate sector, whose size depends on demand from…


Broadband for South Africa: Capital Investment and Policy Dimensions

Kleeman assesses the investments required to achieve 100% broadband coverage. He uses case studies of Malaysia, Brazil, Korea, Ghana and Kenya. Kleeman sets out the
investment required for national broadband, alternative forms of access, the potential role of government, and different investment models. This report is part of the Vision 2020 process of the Department of…


ICT investment & jobs – Country case studies

South Africa’s aspiration for 2020 is to achieve 100% broadband coverage, while maximising both economic and employment growth. A number of paths can be followed to achieve this target: enabling digital citizens, supporting the industry, and building global leadership in ICT products and services. These dimensions are not sequential. For example, India was not a…