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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Labour Market Studies

The potential of social grants expenditure to promote local economic development and job creation

South Africa’s publicly funded social safety net, which consists of multiple conditional cash grants, has… Read More

Policy Options to Leverage the System of Social Grants for Improved Access to Economic Opportunity

The distribution of social grants in South Africa expanded considerably between 2001 and 2007. However,… Read More

International Experience with Worker-side and Employer-side Wage and Employment Subsidies, and Job Search Assistance Programs: Implications for South ...

Smith summarises international experience with labour market interventions aimed to improve employment, particularly among disadvantaged… Read More

Nursing Attrition and the Work Environment in South Africa’s Health Facilities

Hall assesses shortages of professional health workers in the public health sector. Unsatisfactory working conditions… Read More

International Perspectives and Parallels in Labour markets

The article focuses on the apartheid era which left South Africa as a ‘special case’… Read More

Beyond ‘Lean’ Social Democracy: Labour Law and the Challenge of Social Protection

Benjamin examines three inter-related issues that are central to policy-making on the future direction of… Read More

Where to for the South African Labour Market? Some ‘Big Issues’

The labour market landscape has changed dramatically over the first decade of democratic governance in… Read More

The Absence of Gender in South Africa’s New Industrial Policy Framework

Though the new National Industrial Policy Framework (NIPF) is a step in the right direction… Read More

Wage Determination in South Africa: What Do We Know?

Wages play an important role in the broader economy from both efficiency and equity perspectives.… Read More