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Sunday, July 12, 2020


Household Food Security Status in South Africa

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Horizon Scanning in South Africa: Health and HIV and AIDS

South Africa has a mature HIV and AIDS epidemic, with 11% of the population having… Read More

The Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Health Sector. National Survey of Health Personnel, Ambulatory and Hospital Patients and Health Facilities

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Evaluation of the Sectoral Impact of HIV/AIDS in South Africa: A Methodological Review

The impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the employed environment within South Africa is largely… Read More

Leveraging Services for Employment, Growth and Equity: Access to Essential Services in Education and Health. Synthesis Paper

A key impediment to growth in South Africa is the relative shortage of high-quality human… Read More

Human Resource Development and Growth: Improving Access and Equity in Education and Health Services

Pillay demonstrates the importance of improving access to and equity in the provision of essential… Read More

The state of youth: Is the health status of youth improving?

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Medical Practitioners and Nurses

Hall and Erasmus explore whether South Africa has enough medical practitioners and nurses to provide… Read More

Nursing Attrition and the Work Environment in South Africa’s Health Facilities

Hall assesses shortages of professional health workers in the public health sector. Unsatisfactory working conditions… Read More