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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Agriculture and Rural Development

Innovation in Resource-Based Technology Clusters: Investigating the Lateral Migration Thesis – The manufacture of biodegradable plastics from ma ...

Walker & Farisani offer a case study of the lateral migration of technology from a… Read More

Innovation in Resource-Based Technology Clusters: Investigating the Lateral Migration Thesis – The development of a sugar-based plastic in Brazi ...

Velho & Velho offer a case study from Brazil on the lateral migration of technology… Read More

Tshepo Khumbane—Growing South Africa’s Women and Landscape

The South African government has made numerous attempts to integrate women into the economy using… Read More

Women in Urban and Peri urban-Agriculture: Sustaining Livelihoods in the Cape Metropolitan Area

Urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) has emerged as one of the responses to multiple livelihood… Read More

Contribution of smallholder production to Food Security: Some approaches and evidence from sub-Saharan Africa

Poor households access their food from the market, subsistence production and transfers from public programmes… Read More

Boosting Smallholder Production for Food Security: Some Approaches and Evidence from Studies in Sub-Saharan Africa

Matshe uses the sustainable livelihoods framework to explore the contribution of smallholder production to food… Read More

Rural Women and Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation Practices: Anecdotal Evidence from the Free State and Eastern Cape Provinces

Access to water for domestic and agricultural use is a common constraint in most arid… Read More

Trends and Policy Challenges in the Rural Economy: Four Provincial Case Studies

“There are indications of deepening rural poverty since 1994, despite many policies and initiatives that… Read More

Strategies to Support South African Smallholders as a Contribution to Government’s Second Economy Strategy (2 Volumes)

This is Volume 2 of the study ‘Strategies to Support South African Smallholders as a… Read More