Scaling Up Early Childhood Development (ECD) (0-4 years) in South Africa: Policy, Demographics, Child Outcomes, Service Provision and Targeting

Research Report. Human Sciences Research Council

This paper is one of a series developed to inform the Scaling Up ECD Services (0–4 years) Research Project with the aim of improving child development and significant job creation. Biersteker and Streak describe the principal government commitments to children under five, including priority targets set out in the leading policy statements and legislation. They then provide a profile of vulnerable children under five (child outcomes and demographics) in South Africa and flags data gaps in this regard. The paper also reviews the provisions of the primary National Integrated Plan for ECD service components to children under five and flags data gaps in this regard. Biersteker and Streak provide recommendations for targeting in the policy for scaling up services, and concludes by drawing inferences for the design of demonstration projects to test options for scaling up ECD services to improve child outcomes and create jobs