Scaling Up Early Childhood Development (ECD) (0-4 years) in South Africa: Governance and Budgeting for Implementation with the Spotlight on the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) ECD Initiative

by STREAK, J & NORUSHE, T, 2008
Research Report. Human Sciences Research Council

This paper is one of a series developed to inform the Scaling Up ECD Services (0–4 years) Research Project with the aim of improving child development and significant job creation. The spotlight in the study was on the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) part of government’s broader strategy for scaling up ECD. Informed by the intergovernmental division of responsibilities for funding and implementing this initiative, the budget analysis focused on the provincial and local levels of government. It included two case study provinces – Eastern and Western Cape – and two municipalities – City of Cape Town and Buffalo City. The Department of Health was excluded from the study, as it has no responsibility in relation to funding and implementing the EPWP ECD initiative. It does, however, have significant responsibility in relation to ECD 0–4 years broadly defined.