Organising Capabilities of Steet Traders Particularly Women

by MOTALA, S, 2008
Agenda, 22:78, 208-219

In August 2008, Heads of State of the South African Development Community (SADC) adopted the SADC Gender and Development Protocol aimed at advancing gender equality across all spheres of life. Gender-blind economic policy making in South Africa and elsewhere is responsible for exposing women to low paid and hazardous employment, without income security or protection. Research indicates that there is a gender dimension to informal sector work, with women being over-represented in less lucrative work. The article presents three case studies of street trader organisations, assessing their strengths and weaknesses in effectively providing a voice for street traders, and their bargaining power. It argues that in order for women street traders to benefit from the newly adopted SADC Gender and Development Protocol it is important to ensure that their organisational capabilities are strengthened to enhance their participation in decision-making and their bargaining power.