The Role of Regional Economic Powerhouses in Regional Development: Lessons for South Africa in Africa

by HEESE, K., ALLAN, K., MASIWA, G. & MELROSE, F., 2005
Research Report, Employment Growth & Development Initiative, Human Sciences Research Council

Regional trade and development play a key role in economic growth. The HSRC has for some years been tracking South Africa’s role in African trade and investment. This study by Heese et al considers the role of regional economic powerhouses in regions other than sub-Saharan Africa. We wanted to understand the role of regional powerhouses or pivotal states in development, as indicated by trends in foreign direct investment and the specialisation in production between different countries. Heese et al also look at trade agreements and trade blocs and how these underscore the role of regional powerhouses. Finally, they consider a political model to explain the emergence of regional powerhouses and regional integration.