HIV/AIDS and the Economy. A Sectoral Impact of HIV/AIDS in South Africa: A Quantitative Analysis

by VAN DEN HEEVER, A., 2003
HIV/AIDS, labour market, motor vehicle sector, households, South Africa

“This paper forms part of a broader project to assess labour market dynamics in South Africa in the context of HIV/AIDS. It reports on a quantitative analysis combining demographic modelling with data from the 1996 census and the 1998 and 1999 October Household Surveys. Van den Heever isolates the impact of HIV/AIDS on economic sectors and highlights potential labour market issues. He starts with an overview of the methodology, followed by a discussion of the demographic modelling and how the information from the demographic model is extrapolated into socio-economic subgroups. These results are then extrapolated into economic sectors. The next section discusses the impact of HIV/AIDS on the motor vehicle, parts and accessories manufacturing sector, and on households linked to the vehicle components sector. He then integrates findings from the quantitative analysis and methodological review, outlining how labour markets are likely to be affected by HIV/AIDS. Van den Heever concludes with recommendations for the planned sectoral sero-prevalence survey. “