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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Educator Supply and Demand in the South African Public Education System: Integrated Report

Cape Town: Human Sciences Research Council Press. Prepared for the ELRC.

The Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) commissioned a study on the supply of and demand for educators. This followed anecdotal reports that educators were leaving the profession in large numbers, for reasons such as low morale, job dissatisfaction, AIDS and premature mortality. A consortium consisting of the Human Sciences Research Council, the Medical Research Council and the University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Mobile Task Team on the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education was commissioned to investigate these reports and produce data to inform education planning in South Africa. The study set out to explore educator attrition and the reasons behind educators leaving the profession. In addition, it sought to understand the demand for educators and the number of educators needed to meet this demand. Seven reports were completed and presented to the ELRC: The Health of our Educators (Shisana et al. 2005), Workplace Policies in Public Education (Simbayi et al. 2005), HIV-Positive Educators in South African Public Schools (Rehle et al. 2005), The Impact of Antiretroviral Treatment on AIDS Mortality (Rehle and Shisana 2005), Factors Affecting Teaching and Learning in South African Public Schools (Phurutse 2005), Potential Attrition in Education (Hall et al. 2005) (SOCPOL008), and Educator Attrition and Mortality in South Africa (Badcock-Walters et al. 2005). This final monograph integrates these reports, published as part of the multi-study project on the Factors Determining Educator Supply and Demand in South African Public Schools. The aim is to integrate these findings and provide a comprehensive picture of the determinants of the supply of and demand for educators in public schools.

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