A Review of the SA Automobile Assembly and Component Manufacturing Sector in the Context of HIV/Aids

by VASS, J., 2003
Research Report, Employment Growth & Development Initiative, Human Sciences Research Council

This paper forms part of the Human Sciences Research Council’s research programme on the impact of HIV/Aids on critical economic sectors. The automotive sector has been described as a ‘star performer’ in the South African economy, given its drive towards global competitiveness and its recent growth in output, real fixed investment and export. It is the leading manufacturing sector, as well as the third largest contributor to national GDP. Vass provides a descriptive overview of the key trends and dynamics in the automotive assembly and component-manufacturing sector. Through exploring the dynamics internal to the sector, Vass develops measurement indicators for a forthcoming sero-prevalence survey and research. This research aims to measure levels of HIV prevalence, morbidity and mortality at the sector level. Vass describes major trends in the automobile sector and analyses the nature of the supply chain. This is followed by an assessment of the industry approach to HIV/Aids. The study is based on a desktop analysis of existing research and data derived from the TIPS Easy Access database, which consolidates official data and other industry sources.