A Review of labour Markets in South Africa: Education & Training

by MOLEKE,P, 2005
Research Report, Employment Growth & Development Initiative, Human Sciences Research Council

Moleke considers the effects of education and training on the labour market outcomes. She considers differences in labour market status, occupational distributions and earnings. Given the positive benefits of education, it can be expected that individuals want to acquire the maximum level of education they could afford. However, the decision to acquire education is influenced by other factors, such as ability. Training, particularly labour market-related training, complements education, enhances the human capital of individuals, and increases market skills. It also affects labour market outcomes, in so far as it increases mobility in the labour market, progression up the job ladder, and earnings. This paper reviews the distribution of education and training in South Africa and discusses reasons for the skewed distribution. The premise is the recognition that education is one of the most important determinants of individuals’ earnings and status in the labour market.