A Review of Labour Markets in South Africa: Career Guidance and Employment Services

by DU TOIT, R., 2005
Research Report, Employment Growth & Development Initiative, Human Sciences Research Council

School-to-work transition, in a broader sense, is a comprehensive approach to educational programme development that aligns student goals with educational experiences and services. In a narrower sense, it is the process whereby young people move from full-time schooling to post-school activities, including post-secondary education, vocational training, community participation, and potential employment. The latter might take the form of casual work, fixed-term employment or labour market programmes. Labour market intermediation refers to the process of matching the supply of skills (both youth and adults) with the demand for such skills. Du Toit assesses the role of agents such as career guidance and employment services in facilitating the processes of transition and intermediation through public policies, and considers the delivery of these services in a developing country context such as South Africa. She then reviews key policy challenges and identifies questions for further research.