Budget Review – Good, Bad And Ugly

POSTED ON: February 24, 2022 IN Media

The market reaction to the budget tells you everything. Much of the good news priced in. But as the Budget review reminds us It’s important to remember how we got here – and to ensure that history does not repeat itself. From 2008/09, South Africa experienced more than a decade of stagnating economic growth, weighed down by longstanding structural constraints. At the same time, state capture drained the country’s confidence and resources. A series of economic shocks and unbudgeted expenditures resulted in a massive deterioration of the public finances. And then came COVID‐19. Let’s welcome our panel to review the budget after the dust has settled: • Mamello Matikinca, Chief Economist at FNB • Dr Miriam Altman, economist and professor of 4IR at UJ, • Peter Attard Montalto, Head of Capital Markets Research at Intellidex • Mathew Parks, parliamentary coordinator for Cosatu