Monday, May 20, 2019

Labour Markets

Strategic interventions to support youth employability

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The role of business in supporting youth transitions; Concept note developed for BUSA

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First Employment Experiences of Graduates

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Finding Work: Employment Experiences of South African Graduates

People with higher education enjoy a clear advantage in the labour market. However, this advantage… Read More

Employment Experiences of Graduates

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Meeting Equity Targets: Are There Enough Graduates

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Youth Labour Market Challenges in South Africa

Altman identifies labour market challenges facing South African youth, in view of the high chance… Read More

International Experience with Worker-side and Employer-side Wage and Employment Subsidies, and Job Search Assistance Programs: Implications for South ...

Smith summarises international experience with labour market interventions aimed to improve employment, particularly among disadvantaged… Read More

Youth population scenarios: Summary of Phase I theme papers

In 2009, the Department of Social Development commissioned the Human Sciences Research Council to produce… Read More