Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Informal Economy

What are the Policy Implications of the Informal Sector Becoming the Informal Economy?

Altman considers the meaning of informality and related policy implications. She sees the concept of… Read More

Formal / Informal Linkages in South Africa: Some Considerations

Informal employment in South Africa grew from 965,000 to just over 2.3-million workers between 1997… Read More

Informal Employment In South Africa

Employment policy in South Africa has paid limited attention to the informal economy. From the… Read More

Organising Capabilities of Steet Traders Particularly Women

In August 2008, Heads of State of the South African Development Community (SADC) adopted the… Read More

Formal-Informal Economy Linkages and Unemployment in South Africa

South Africa’s high involuntary unemployment and small informal sector are attributed to an underperforming formal… Read More

Formal-Informal Economy Linkages

The term informal sector, informal economy, ‘second economy’ and informality is often used interchangeably. Altman… Read More

Formal/Informal Linkages in South Africa: Some Considerations

To know how the economy might meet the target of halving unemployment by 2014, the… Read More

Exploring Economic Behaviour in South Africa’s Informal Economy

“This report contributes to a larger project of the Human Sciences Research Council, the School… Read More

Informal Traders Survey Questionnaire

This is the Informal Traders Survey, deployed in support of the paper: Exploring Economic Behaviour… Read More