Sunday, May 26, 2019

Industry Studies

Identifying Opportunities to Drive Demand for ICT in South Africa

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ICT investment & jobs – Country case studies

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Cloud computing in South Africa: Prospects and Challenges

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ICT Skills at the Intermediate Level in South Africa: Insights into Private Provision and Labour Market Demand

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ICT and Associated Professionals

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have played a major role in shaping employment growth in… Read More

A Contribution to the Analysis of the Employment Creation Potential of Recycling in South Africa

Lowitt offers an overview of global trends in recycling, defined as the recovery and use… Read More

A Preliminary Analysis of the Plastics, Paper and Glass Recycling Database: An Introduction to the Nature and Dynamics of the Industry

The purpose of this research programme, supported by the Human Sciences Research Council and the… Read More

Global Trends in Waste Management: Some pointers for South Africa

Fakir considers the growth and job-creating potential of the recycling industry. He reviews global trends… Read More

Resource Based Technology Clusters, Phase 1: A Theoretical Background to Innovation Studies

This paper contributed to a joint programme of the Human Sciences Research Council and Mintek… Read More