Monday, February 18, 2019

Employment Studies

Emerging Markets and the Global Recession

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The Impact of the Crisis on Semi-Industrialised Countries

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International Policy Response of Developing Countries to the Global Economic Crisis

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The Socio-Economic Impact Of The Global Downturn On South Africa: Responses And Policy Implications

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Employment Scenarios to 2014 & 2024 in the Context of a Global Meltdown

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The Implications of the Global Economic Crisis for Industrial Sectors in South Africa

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The Potential Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on South Africa

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Growth, Employment and Distribution Impacts of Minerals Dependency: Four Case Studies

Cross-country evidence on the direct and indirect impacts of minerals dependency on growth suggests that… Read More

Taking Off Into Sustained, Equitable Growth:Lessons From Successes And Failures

Berry offers an extensive set of case studies of economies that achieved sustained high growth.… Read More