Thursday, April 09, 2020

Employment and Economy

South Africa’s economic development trajectory: implications for skills development strategy.

Altman and Mayer argue that skills development in South Africa must be aligned to the… Read More

Overview of the Economy and Economic Policy

Lowitt and Altman provide a high-level review of the economy’s performance and key policy development… Read More

An overview of Industrial Policy and its Implications for HRD

Altman and Mayer analyse the impact of South Africa’s industrial policy on the demand for… Read More

Employment Promotion in a Minerals Economy

The SA economy can be characterized as a minerals economy, with a small market and… Read More

Reviewing the Question: Budget 2008

The 2008 budget says that ‘reducing joblessness remains South Africa’s most critical challenge’. There are… Read More

Halving Unemployment by 2014:What will it take?

Government committed to halving unemployment between 2004 and 2014. Altman considers the following questions: how… Read More

The State of Employment and Unemployment

Altman outlines trends in employment, underemployment and unemployment in South Africa, and explains possible causes… Read More

The State of Employment

Altman considers the meaning of job creating versus jobless growth, and assesses the character of… Read More

Paths to Employment Expansion in a Minerals Economy

It is not surprising that South Africa has not attracted sufficient foreign investment to induce… Read More