Monday, June 17, 2019

Review of Employment and Remuneration Trends for Selected Sectors in the South African Economy

Research report, Employment and Economic Policy Research, Human Sciences Research Council, Pretoria. Prepared for the SA Presidency.

Altman et al. examine formal sector employment trends in the South African economy since the mid-1990s and assess the reliability and accuracy of employment data from a variety of sources. This was an important issue for employment research, especially during the period that the statistical agency was remodeled and nationally representative surveys on population, labour and employment were recently introduced. This study reviews the official data on sectoral employment and remuneration trends, and compares it with other sources of data. Verification is pursued using expert opinion. Altman et al. summarise the major trends and conclusions emerging from the research. The remainder of the document is structured around the 16 sectors under review. For each of these sectors, available data sources on employment are assessed, and trends in aggregate and sub-sectoral employment data are explained. The report underlines the need for a single source of reliable employment and remuneration data. The study was supported by the Human Sciences Research Council and The Policy Coordination and Advisory Services (PCAS) in the Office of the SA Presidency.

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