Friday, October 18, 2019

Tiger Brands Foundation

Working closely with the Department of Basic Education, the Tiger Brands Foundation (TBF) shows the importance of breakfast in the poorest schools, and offers a model for simple, scalable and high impact delivery. By January 2016, the TBF was delivering to 81 schools across the country, reaching almost 70,000 children daily with a hot breakfast. The programme also delivers industrial kitchens to schools that feed a whole school cooking on hotplates. Unemployed youth are trained to do mobile monitoring daily, with simple information collated immediately so that the TBF can respond rapidly. Two area studies, in Alexandra (an urban township in Johannesburg) and in Lady Frere (a deep rural area in the Eastern Cape Province) have shown that this programme may be having significant impacts on child nutrition, stunting, obesity and learning outcomes. I have been a trustee since the TBF’s founding in 2011, and was its chairperson from 2012 to April 2016. Through TBF, we want to demonstrate how a simple, low cost programme can move the dial toward a decent standard of life for low income households, improving concentration in school and reducing disease burden.

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Overview of TBF Programme
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TBF Impact Evaluation Alexandra
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TBF Impact Evaluation Lade Frer
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Annual Report 2016
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